From the very beginning of our journey, our pursuit has always been to ride more and create the bikes that thrill us as riders first and foremost.

All of us at Shand are passionate cyclists and commute to work as well as ride for experiencing the great outdoors at the weekend. We, like all of you out there, have busy work and personal lives, and understand the one thing we have in common: the constant pressure in our modern lives to do more, work harder, achieve beyond expectations and generally be more!

But we are only human.

Because of this we have long since come to realise that only by discovering more and living more can we do better.

At Shand we know a lot about discovery. Our bikes were born in Scotland, where rugged and beautiful landscapes and varied terrains push the mind and the body of the rider into sharp focus. It is there, on the road or off the beaten track, that we are who we want to be and discover more about the world and ourselves. It is there that we feel at one with all that surrounds us and experience intensely what it is to feel alive.

Our motto Discover more. Feel alive. is the essence of this constant strive to create the bikes that will take you where you long to go; and turn every ride into an adventure.