Up to 42% Off*

Return to work in style

Commuter bike

*when purchased via the cycle to work scheme

Buy your dream shand bike

through the cycle-to-work scheme

As we start to plan our return to work, the Government is encouraging more of us to get on our bikes with their Cycle-to-Work initiative. This scheme allows you to save money and spread the payments of a new bike and accessories.

Plus, the recent removal of the £1000 maximum limit on a bike on Cycle-to-Work Schemes opens up a whole world of new and exciting opportunities for those of us who like travelling in style.

Now is your opportunity to buy the Shand bike of your dreams – whether it is our ultimate commuter bike – the Leveret or a beautiful custom Stooshie…

About the scheme

So, we have joined forces with three of the official Cycle-to-Work providers who can help you and your employer sign up to the scheme:

The good news is that you can make a huge saving of up to 42% on the cost of your new Shand bike by using one of these schemes, paying it off in monthly instalments to suit your budget. These schemes are open to companies of all sizes and applying for the voucher is quick and straightforward.

Now, all you need to do is choose which model you’d like to be taking on your next adventure!

How the scheme works

“I’ve found the ultimate commuting bike but it’s so much more than that. Ride it to work Monday to Friday, but don’t put it away for the weekend”

How much can you save?

Your precise savings will depend on your income, tax status and the Scheme provider. 

Each of our Scheme providers have an online calculator to show how much you will save on the bike and to show what your monthly payments will be. Here is an example scenario whereby someone with a £35,000 salary purchases the Shand Leveret (£1995) through the ‘Bike2Work’ Scheme’.

*based on someone with a £35,000 salary purchases the Shand Leveret (£1995) through the ‘Bike2Work’ Scheme’.

Choose your dream bike