Jenny Graham: Fastest woman to cycle round the world!

12 December 2019


124 days ago, Jenny Graham left Berlin on her Stooshie and I was lucky enough to be there last night when she returned to the spot next to the Brandenburg Gate from where she started. Jenny has smashed the world record by 20 days covering an astounding 18,413 miles on the road and we are all in awe of what she’s achieved.

When Jenny rode out from Berlin at 6am that morning, her route took her east to travel through 14 countries – Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, Portugal, Spain and France. Riding 16 hours and averaging 180 miles a day, completely unassisted and relying only on herself, Jenny set out to beat the current record of 144 days set by Italian rider Paola Gianotti four years ago.

And hasn’t she done it!

Jenny Graham's Shand Stooshie after setting the world record


The Shand team are enormously proud and excited to congratulate Jenny on completing the challenge in 124 days! And not only that, on a Stooshie designed and built for her personally – the same as for all our customers.

Steven met Jenny through the endurance cycling group, the Adventure Syndicate, and offered to create the bike for her. She said: “It was amazing. They just measured me up and then produced this great machine that fits me like a glove. I just sat on it and felt ‘wow’ I am really going to get on with this bike. It was like meeting an old friend. It is a steel frame that absorbs shocks which is important when you are on all sorts of roads.”

Steven said he had every faith in both rider and bike to break the record. “Our aim for Jenny was to create a bike that would give her maximum comfort, so she could almost forget it was there at all. We’re always excited by the stories that come from people using our bikes; and those stories don’t come much bigger than a round-the-world record. Jenny is such an inspiration and our team are so proud to be part of her story.”

Congratulations Jenny – it is an awe-inspiring achievement and we look forward to catching up on her return home to Scotland.

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