Sizing Information

Filling in the details on this form will enable us to establish the exact size of Shand bike you need.

    Body Geometry

    Accurately measure and supply the dimensions from the diagram below (mm please!)

    Current bike geometry

    If you have any current bikes you can submit basic measurements from them to enable us to use this additional dating in sizing the bike for you. You can add comments for each bike you supply data for. For example : ‘I seem to stretched out on this bike’ or ‘this bike is too high at the handlebars’ etc. A hint for taking measurement ‘B’ is to position the bike with the back wheel against a wall and measure out from the wall to the tip of the saddle then out from the wall to the centre of the bottom bracket spindle. The difference of these two values is the measurement B. Similarly to get the measurement ‘D’, take the difference of the height of the top of the saddle from the ground and the height of the centre of the handlebar stem where it clamps the bars.

    Bike 1
    Bike 2



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