Bishkek or Bust – The Silk Road Mountain Race No.1

12 December 2019
SIlk Road Mountains


If you’re reading this I’ll be well on my way to Kyrgyzstan to take part in the above. I’ve not mentioned previously as with one thing and another I didn’t think I’d actually make it to the start line.

The original plan was to make an attempt on the Tour Divide Race this year, but having done the graft throughout winter (and what a winter it was), I injured my back at Easter, resulting in the decision not to head to Banff. However, as the injury improved, an alternative loomed in the shape of the Silk Road Mountain Race (that we also happen to be supporting).

I really don’t know what the next couple of weeks will hold and I’ve never been so wound up and stressed about getting to a start line, but if the planets finally align in the next couple of days I’m going to be lucky enough to experience an adventure like no other – regardless of outcome.

To follow the race from 18 August, visit DotWatcher/SRMR.

Custom Shand Bahooki for the Silk Road Mountain Race

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